We can unlock most GSM cell phones so you could use it with different carriers and use it internationally when you travel abroad.

Laptop Services

• Software
• Hard Drive
• Keyboard
• Charge Port
• Memory Upgrade

Software Restore & Update

Frozen phones, missing features, or simply update/upgrade to newer software/firmware. We also perform software services on laptop computers.


Water Damage

We can repair most water damage problems; our certified technicians will access the water damage phone and will make the final determination!

Physical Problems

• Phone broken into two pieces
• Phone was accidentally dropped and mangled
• Phone was chewed up by a dog or pets and needs new housing case

Screen Problems

• Cracked screens
• White screens
• Blank screens
• Lines running through the screen
• "Tie-dye" effect
• "Bleeding" LCD
• Black spots or ink spots

Audio Problems

• Static sounds on all phone calls
• Sound fades in and out during all calls
• No ring tone
• Very low sound; even when volume is at high

Keypad Problems

• All keypad malfunctions
• Keys on keypad are stuck
• Missing keys
• Keys are pressing on their own
• Keys on side of phone are not working

Charging/Power Problems

• Charing came loose, is bent/broken
• Phone will not hold charge
• Phone will not charge period
• No power
• Overheat when attempting to charge