John ‎ - Dec 18, 2011
Terrific assistance diagnosing my obsolete Samsung. I needed to retrieve some important notes and texts after the phone had seemed to finally die. I've been generally treated great by Sprint but their tech blew me off even though I had just upgraded to an EVO Design4G; he claimed the part (damaged flex cable on a slider phone) was no longer available. That may be true at their in-store repair, but CellTech diagnosed and repaired my phone with no problems and offered an accurate estimate up front. Really appreciated the service, well worth the drive north.

Chris ‎ - Oct 26, 2011
Broke my ipad2 and took it to celltech . Was surprised at how fast the turn around time was. Got it back in less than 2 hours. Looks brand new again like nothing had never happen. Ive been taking ask my iphone and apple devices to them. Did my iphone 4 front and back glass. And I got it back within 20-30 min. I would highly recommend their service.

sjair ‎ - Sep 7, 2011
30 seconds to diagnos, and give me an estimate. 1 hour, and $120 later, my HTC EVO 4G was fixed and ready to go. CellTech even threw in a new glass. Sprint spent 30 minutes looking at the phone, and told me it could not be repaired, Mission Repair didn't even look at it and told me it couldn't be repaired. I was only a month into my 2 year plan when the phone was accidently water damaged, so it would have cost 500 dollars to replace the phone. The staff was courteous and professional. The only downside was the long drive from south johnson county, but well worth the trip. Thanks, Celltech.

Mike ‎ - Sep 2, 2011
Made my day..water damaged epic...Tech was great, tested it, told me if it was the lcd screen it was going to be big dollars....turned out to be a ribbon cable shorted to the screen. Waived the testing fee too. 80 bucks and Im back in business. Highly recommend them. They will tell you the truth, good or bad about your phone. Thanks!

Ef ‎ - Jul 11, 2011
Great Experience. My cell fell in a puddle of water and the loudspeaker was damaged prior to me arriving into town. Google'd cell phone repairs and saw the 7 previous reviews so I decided to take it there and in less than 30 minutes the phone was up to speed. He even waived a small fee for me (I ended up paying around $40). Great customer service. It is a small business in a huge shopping area. The kind you can consider a diamond in the rough. I recommend them to anyone in need of cell phone repairs.

Lee ‎ - Jul 7, 2011
My iPhone Looks Perfect. Called iresq to do a front glass screen replacement on my AT&T Iphone 4 and they wanted it overnight (4 hours minimum). Called CellTech and he said 30 minutes. Took it in and had it back in under 30 minutes. Great place. Would recommend this to anyone looking for iPhone repair service.

anonymous ‎ - Jun 24, 2011
Quick and affordable service. The glass replacement on my Droid 2 was repaired to perfection, was cheaper than making an insurance claim, and even included a warranty. I feel very confident in Celltech's expertise

Romeo ‎ - May 24, 2011
Fast and reliable people. Great customer service. Want something done right to your phone, then i would highly recommend these people. They don't beat around the bushes, they tell straight forward if it can be fix or not.

Big Jim ‎ - Dec 22, 2011
Jimmy Le and his staff(Joel)did a fantastic job. I tried a local shop in the JoCo area and was told I'd have to wait a week, no thank you. So, I traveled from Gardner,KS to the Northland after I shattered my iPhone 4s with a recommendation from a friend. Jimmy and his crew were able to get me a factory replacement screen and made some minor repairs to my phone within 2 hours. Overall great shop, great service, and I will be telling people to take any repairsthere. My only request is to get this service down to JoCo to clear out the competition.

tony ‎ - Mar 29, 2011
Was very satsify and surprise how fast they fix my iPhone today. Would highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to fix there phones. They were very nice and knows what they were doing.